• Stadtfest Berlin

    Germany → Berlin 17.07 - 18.07 2021

    Stadtfest Berlin 2021 will be the 28th annual lesbian and gay festival in Berlin. This is one of the largest festivals of its kind in Europe with around 450,000 guys and girls from around the world for this 2-day event.

    The weekend features the festival´s beer gardens, cocktail bars, stages and dance floors all around the Nollendorfplatz area of Berlin. In addition, concerts and shows will take place from 11 in the morning to late in the evening.

  • Munich Gay Oktoberfest

    Germany → Munich 18.09 - 03.10 2021

    Munich Gay Oktoberfest is also known as ‘Rosa Wiesn-Oktoberfest’  which translated to Oink Oktoberfest.

    The Rosa Wiesn festival is a combination of different events taking place for the LGBTQ community during the world’s biggest beer festival. The Oktoberfest is housed in lots of large tents which are connect to a different beer brand.

    Thousands of gay boys and many lesbians from all over the world arrive in Munich for the different parties held in tents themed for the LGBTQ community. Tickets should be bought in advance as generally all events are sold out.